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Sea Venture Oil Rig sits a kilometer offshore Mabul providing a wicked underwater marine environment.

Name Dive Site:Sea Venture Oil Rig
Depth: 5-16m (16-52ft)
Inserted/Added by: scuba_junkie

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An old oil rig, the Seaventure is a bit of an eyesore to the horizon, but an absolute treasure trove for divers. Divers descend beneath the old steel structure to the bottom in 16 meters of water. Pygmy seahorses are virtually guaranteed here, living among the gorgonian sea fans. Lionfish number in the dozens, including spotfin and zebra lionfish. Tassled scorpion fish are commonly found as well. Perhaps the highlight of the dive is an encounter with "Elvis", a three meter long moray eel that calls Seaventure his home.

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Name: malaysia_liveaboards

Sometimes great diving comes in the most unusual of places and Seaventures platform is one of those. A couple of kilometers of the north east coast of Mabul Island is a decommissioned oil rig that now acts as a budget resort for Sipadan/Mabul divers. It is certainly unique but rather ugly to look at, at least from above the water. Once underwater however, the steel structures create a muck divers wonderland and this dive is often the highlight of a stay at Mabul.

If you stay on the platform you can descent the oil rig elevator to sea level and dive below the rig as often as your computer will allow. If you stay on Mabul or Kapalai the platform is just a minute’s boat ride away. Conditions are calm with minimal current, visibility is average and the maximum depth is 17-20m. This is an easy dive for all levels of diver.

So what can you see here? Schools of fish fill the gaps between the pylons, much like on a wreck or cave entrance. Frogfish and leaf fish are common amongst the debri as are various and colorful nudibranchs and sea slugs. Ornate ghost pipefish are numerous too. Lionfish hunt in the shadows. Scorpionfish are well camouflaged. Giant moray eels are one of the bigger species seen here. Seahorses are also spotted, including the elusive pygmy seahorse. No bigger than a finger nail, you'll need a good macro lens if you want to get a good photo.

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