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Kapalai used to be an island but sand erosion has leveled it making place for a first class resort built on stilts on its remaining sandbar.

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Kapalai is not actually an island anymore as all the land has been washed away. There is actually one large luxury resort named Sipadan-Kapalai Dive Resort which is built on stilts on top of the existing sandbank. Most rooms have glass bottom floors where you can see its spectacular underwater life. The rooms have balconies, there are a few kilometers of walkway, an excellent sundeck and the food is outstanding. Besides diving and snorkeling you can also rent a kayak and explore the outer sandbanks or just enjoy sunset and sunrise.

Pulau Kapalai, now a resort built on a sandbar on top of remains of the Ligitan Reefs, is one of those diving destinations where muck diving and searching for unidentified fish, surprising them from close-up, is the main attraction. The waters are clearer than those in Mabul and at only fifteen minutes from Sipadan it is a world-class place to be. Fish such as the flamboyant cuttlefish and all kinds of frogfish are popular here. Other common inhabitants are dragonets, fire gobies, eels and gobies.

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