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Pom Pom Island

Name Dive Site:Pom Pom Island, Cliff Hanger
Accessibility: Boat
Inserted/Added by: pompomisland

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Best dive-season / How to get there: This region has good diving all year round. For this dive site, you need to get to Pom Pom Island. To get to Cliff Hanger, you can either book with one of the tour operators and join one of their tours, or stay at Pom Pom Island Resort. It takes 45 minutes by boat from Semporna, or 5 mintues from Pom Pom Island and is situated 500 metres to the right of the jetty. Pom Pom Island is located between Mantabuan Island and Pandanan Island. 

This dive site is perfect for all levels of diver, It starts at about 12 metres being a gentle slope, then at 15 metres starts as a wall dive. The Wall drops down to 40 metres and has whip corals, fans, and overhangs. Normally carried out as a mild drift dive, work your way along the wall then towards the end of the dive come up to the flat area where you can find many green and hawksbill turtles. Keep one eye out on the blue for eagle rays. This site is very good also for muck diving, with many unusual nudibranches, crabs and shrimps to be found. Look out for mandarin fish during the safety stop. 

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