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At the northern side of Pulau Lima at Big Mount you can dive at a nice prolific coral shelf.

Name Dive Site:Pulau Lima, Big Mount
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Pulau Lima located 20m boat ride east of Redang Island has several areas worth diving but the best spot is called "Big Mount" and lies 80m off the island's northern tip. It is a submerged sea mount that drops down to beyond 30m. The presence of strong currents attracts larger pelagic like barracuda and trevally. Whale sharks and manta rays are sometimes seen here, usually in the early months of the season. When visibility is good this is an excellent dive site with all the usual marine life that can be seen around Redang dive sites present in big numbers. Black tip reef sharks can be seen in the deeper areas.

To the south of Pulau Lima is another boulder dive site with caves and crevices that provide a habitat for a vast array of marine life. This is a good macro dive site with lots of nudibranchs and crustaceans, moray eels and smaller reef fish.

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Name: paulleggott

Big Mount is a superb deep dive of 40m. Black coral Garden to the west is an amazing garden of black corals up to depths of 30mtr. At the southern tip which starts at 30m up to 8m has everything from boulders, coral, fish to all kinds of turtles. If judged correctly it can be a great drift dive.

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