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Chek Isa is a Mini Mount where two huge coral encrusted boulders create a small canyon and an overload of fish life.

Name Dive Site:Chek Isa, Mini Mount
Depth: 8-20m (26-65ft)
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Chek Isa is a submerged reef just south of Mak Cantik on the east side of Redang Island. The reef starts at 8m and a mooring line guides the way if necessary however currents are not normally strong here so a free descent is usually possible. Maximum depth is just 20m.

Most of the site is boulders covered with corals, encrusting sponges, sea squirts and crinoids. Reef fish are prolific and smaller critters like nudibranchs, cowries and shrimps. The prettiest part of the dive site is the shallow top area where two boulders form a valley that is filled with soft corals and anemones. Sunlight shining on the top of the reef makes this a great spot for photographers.

Check Isa is also a popular night dive location when crabs, shrimps and painted rock lobster can be seen and parrotfish are sleeping on the reef.

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Name: paulleggott

Chek Isa is a great macro dive site but it also has so many fish that it is like diving through fish soup, both large and small, and also some great coral.

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