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Malaysia's most famous dive site is diving with schools of barracudas at Barracuda Point.

Name Dive Site:Barracuda Point
Depth: 5-40m (16-131ft)
Visibility: 10-30m (32-98ft)
Accessibility: Boat, Live-aboard
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Divers consider the dive site Barracuda Point as one of the best in the world. The aquatic life that can be seen is huge. Some of the more interesting are schools of hawksbill turtles and greenback turtles nesting and mating, schools of barracuda and big-eye trevally, pelagic species such as eagle rays, manta rays, hammerhead sharks and whale sharks can be seen here. Near the wall at ten meters deep are grey reef sharks, which are always patrolling the perimeter here, waiting for lunch.

The dive normally goes as follows. The start is near a wall at about ten metres. The current here brings in lots of food and food means many fish. Cruise along the wall dropping down as far as you wish, and keep an eye out for a herd of bumphead parrotfish and turtles. Don't go too deep though, because the currents can get very strong and sweep you downwards, out and away from the island.

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Name: malaysia_liveaboards

Barracuda Point, at the eastern most tip of Sipadan Island is another Sipadan favorite dive site because of the sheer number of fish here and most divers want to do this dive site several times during their stay at Sipadan. Huge swirling schools of chevron barracuda can be seen in the currents. Schools can be so big that divers can swim up the middle of the funnel like swirl.

This is one of the best places in the world to get photographs of barracuda. Large schools of jacks can also be seen here. The pelagic fish like the strong currents at Barracuda Point and divers should be wary of down currents. Grey reef sharks can be seen cruising the reef and manta rays make occasional visits.

Much of this dive site is a wall dive although there is a 20m deep ledge where white tip reef sharks rest on the rubble bottom allowing divers to get very close for photos. As on all Sipadan dive sites there are dozens of green turtles and the humphead parrotfish can also be seen.

Name: scuba_junkie

One of the top dive sites at Sipadan—indeed, the world—Barracuda Point derives its name from the resident barracuda that often appear in the thousands, forming a vortex large enough to block out the sun. The dive starts out as a classic wall dive before coming to a channel in 18 meters of water which frequently has strong currents pushing through it. Its at one end of the channel that the barracuda often hang out and, when they are there, a large portion of the dive is often spent holding onto a rock in the channel and starting off into the blue in awe.

Reef sharks are attracted by the strong currents, and can often be found resting on the channel bottom. The channel floor is teeming with macro-life, from spotted garden eels and morays to scorpion fish, lion fish, octopus, and more. The shallows at Barracuda Point feature some of the most beautiful coral on the island, where you can often find turtles snacking on sponges or just sleeping the day away.

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