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Terengganu Marine Park comprises several pristine white sanded islands off the eastern shores of Peninsular Malaysia.

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Terengganu Marine Park consists of many islands roughly situated between the Thai eastern border, Kuala Terengganu and the most northern part of Kuantan. Most islands are easily reached from mainland ports such as Besut to get to the Perhentians, Merang to get to the islands Redang, Lang Tengah and Bidong, Marang to visit Kapas and Kuala Dungun for trips to Tenggol. There are also a few, more irregular, ferries between the islands, but it is often faster and cheaper to backtrack and take another ferry.

Pulau Perhentian is known for its stunning environments above and below the surface. Rainforest trails, water taxis, palm fringed shores and picturesque bungalows make this one of your favorite holidays. Pulau Redang is as popular and protected because it has many spots where turtle come to shore to lay their eggs. Pulau Lang Tengah sits in between these two giants, often overlooked by tourists but providing thrilling dive sites with healthy corals and abundant marine species. Pulau Bidong is only accessible to tourists since 1999. Before that it was a UN refugee camp for Vietnamese boat people that had tried to cross the South China Sea in unequipped boats from Vietnam. Kapas and Gemia Island are relatively close to shore known to backpackers and beachers for its cheap accommodations and relaxed atmosphere. And the most southern island of the Terangganu Marine Park is Pulau Tenggol, famous because of its steep cliff and wall diving.

The underwater landscape of this part of the South China Sea is absolutely brilliant. Shallow coral reefs on top of the brightest white sand ever seen, deep pinnacles and steep walls filled with pelagic. Muck diving in search of colorful marine species or snorkeling on top of excellent strands of staghorn and brain corals. It is an area known for its stunning beaches and relaxing water activities. The islands which are easily reached can get crowded in weekends and during holidays but this should not withdraw you to visit one of the top dive destinations worldwide.

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