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South Point is the southern tip of the Sipadan reefs offering high speed currents and all that is big.

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At the opposite end of the island from Barracuda Point, South Point is the place for big stuff. Strong currents wrap around the island making it a magnet for schooling grey reef sharks. Rays are a common sight here as well, from eagle rays and devil rays to their larger cousin the mantas. Thousands of reef fish add color to every dive, from Moorish idols and red-tooth triggerfish to yellowback fusiliers and all variety of sweetlips. This dive is often done deep, but the shallows should not be underestimated. Leaf scorpion fish can be found on nearly every dive—making macro lovers happy—as can porcelain crabs, anemone shrimp, bubble coral shrimp, and more. Turtles are a guarantee.

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Name: malaysia_liveaboards

South Point is the best Sipadan dive site to see hammerhead sharks. It is possible to see schools of hammerheads but they are usually seen at 40m or below. Hammerheads like the deep water and strong currents. When the waters are a little cooler they may be seen shallower. It is a similar story with Thresher sharks which can also be seen here and also prefer deep water.

Currents can be strong here so South Point is typically a drift dive with many divers choosing to move away from the wall and stay deep for as long as possible. For those not lucky enough to see something as exciting as a hammerhead or thresher shark the wall still has plenty to offer and of course you will see green turtles and white tip reef sharks plus schools of jacks.

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