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The oil town of Miri offers unexplored and wicked pristine reef scuba diving.

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Miri, a relatively new Malaysian dive hub, located in northern Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo, just to the south-west of the oil state Brunei. Scuba divers started diving the pristine patch reefs around Miri in the late 1990s and found a surprising healthy underwater world with soft corals, plenty of reef fish and even some Japanese wrecks and artificial dive sites created around abandoned oil rigs. Miri-Sibuti Marine National Park has recently opened and will make sure that its marine life gets the protection it needs.

While strolling through Miri town you can take a look at Lotus Hill (Lian Hua San), one of the largest Taoist Temples in Malaysia or explore one of its fantastic beaches such as Tanjong Lobang Beach (Brighton Beach), Taman Selera or Lutong Beach. The economy is thriving on mainly oil and tourism which you can see in the amount of expats living in Miri for multinationals such as Shell and Petronas; there even is a small Petroleum Museum. Besides scuba diving, the area around Miri, offers tourists excellent examples of the stunning environments Malaysia is so famous for. You can visit the exotic National Parks Mount Mulu, with the largest natural cave called Sarawak Chamber or explore one of the other nearby parks such as Niah National Park, Lambir Hills or Loagan Bunut.

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