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Froggie's is one of those dives where it is not possible to name all you can see while diving here.

Name Dive Site:Froggie's
Depth: 2-15m (6-49ft)
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Also known as Paradise I, Froggie's is perhaps the archetypal dive at Mabul. A gradual reef sloping down to 14 meters where it meets up with the sand, it offers a highlights tour of all that Mabul has to offer. Where the reef meets the sand is the sweet spot on this dive, a convergence point for an overwhelming variety of marine life. Named after the frogfish that are seen daily along the slope, it's not uncommon for divers to want to make three dives at this one dive site. It's nearly impossible to list everything a diver can see on this dive; even our most experienced dive guides frequently find things they've never encountered before. Besides the resident frogfish, highlights include myriad nudibranchs, leaf scorpion fish, stargazers, banded-pipefish, crocodile fish, as well as a small school of streamline barracuda that hover just above the sandy bottom. Pharaoh cuttlefish are commonly seen here, as are octopus and bobtail squids. Two boats have been sunk in the sand, adding even more possibility for discovery.

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