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Timber Wreck was a long cargo vessel used for transporting timber to Japan.

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The Timber Wreck is a sixty meter long cargo ship. In the early 1980s it was leaving its harbor near Lahad Datu with a full load of timber logs for a destination in Japan when a strong storm came up. The crew decided to pump some water on board to stabilize the vessel but mysteriously never switched them off again. As a result the vessel rolled over and came to rest at 30m depth. In the aftermath the timber company whose logs were on the vessel managed to drag the stricken vessel closer to a nearby island in order to salvage its cargo.

The wreck now lies on its starboard side with the bow at 24m and the stern at 5m depth. A single log still remains in the hold to remind of its cargo. Because of the size and depth it is excellent for wreck dives and reasonably safe to penetrate into the engine room, crew cabins, wheel house and cargo holds. As this wreck is nearly 2 hours from Semporna trips are often done here on special request.

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