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This dive site, a sandy patch covered in blue ribbon eels that stick their heads out, is named Eel Garden.

Name Dive Site:Eel Garden
Depth: 5-20m (16-65ft)
Visibility: 10-20m (32-65ft)
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Located to the south east of Mabul Island, this Mabul muck diving site is another dive site that rewards divers prepared to move slowly and deliberately over the sand looking for unusual species. The site is a coral reef on a sandy bottom at 20m maximum depth. Visibility is between 10m and 20m. The dive site is named after the garden eels that cover patches of the sandy bottom here. Normally they stand erect with much of their body out of their hole, swaying in the current. However when a diver approaches they quickly retreat into their holes.

Beautiful blue ribbon eels can also be seen poking out of rubble holes as can peacock smasher mantis shrimps. The smasher nickname comes from the incredible power of their hammer like claws that can smash through crustacean shells and would break a divers bone if they got in the way. Moray eels can be seen on the coral reef as can frogfish and leaf fish. Twin spot lionfish and scorpionfish are also present. Shrimps and gobies are numerous as are various species of nudibranch. Pipefish and seahorse are other possible sightings for the more observant diver.

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