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You might be disappointed at first sight of Froggy Lair but once you look closely it is a muck diving paradise.

Name Dive Site:Froggy Lair
Depth: 2-15m (6-49ft)
Inserted/Added by: malaysia_liveaboards

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Froggy Lair is a typical Mabul/Kapalai muck diving site with poor visibility and a maximum depth of just 15m. The coral is largely dead or stunted by sediment. Divers may find fishing nets on the reef and even the odd discarded car tyre. It doesn't sound great so far does it? However, give diving here a try and you'll see frogfish everywhere. These cryptic fish, so hard to spot in other locations, are prolific on this dive site. They still camouflage themselves into the coral and sponges, waiting to pounce on unsuspecting prey but they are easier to spot because of their numbers. Frog fish are also bigger at Froggy Lair, many as big as soccer balls.

You can see frog fish of various colors including blue, white, yellow and orange. If they move at all it's just to waddle slowly, making them easy photo subjects. Photographers can spend hours on this dive site just shooting frame after frame of frogfish. Lucky photographers may get a much sought after open mouth shot.

Other critters to look out for are ornate ghost pipefish, leaf fish, crocodile fish, stone fish, scorpionfish, lionfish, cowries, and numerous nudibranch species. Cuttlefish can be seen including the beautiful flamboyant cuttlefish. If you are especially keen to see a particular critter, tell your divemaster and they'll do their best to find it. They dive these sites every day and their eyes are well tuned to finding everything. They know where stuff is usually seen, what habitat it prefers and what it eats.

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