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The 90 meter long Sugar Wreck sank during the monsoon season of 2000, 2001 and had a cargo full of sugar.

Name Dive Site:Sugar Wreck, MV Unistar
Depth: 5-18m (16-59ft)
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Little is really known about the MV Union Star 17 wreck by most of the dive shops on the Perhentian islands - shocking when you consider that it only sank some 10 years ago. The one thing that they all agree on was that she was a cargo ship carrying Sugar when she sank - hence the local name 'Sugar Wreck'.

After a little research I was able to establish that the ship was registered in Free Town, South Africa. She ran aground on a sand bank near Pantai Sri Tujuh in November 2000 while on her way from Indonesia to Bangkok. A crew member managed to reach the coast in a life boat to alert the authorities and all the 15 Indonesian and 2 Burmese crew members were rescued and taken to hospital. After several failed attempts by the Marcopolo 11 tow boat, assisted by the MV Union 20 to free the vessel she was finally dislodged from the sandbank on the 13th of December. The ship was subsequently lost near the Kelantan-Terengganu territorial waters around the 22nd of December while being towed by salvage ship "Marcopolo" to Batam Island, Indonesia to undergo repairs.

The wreck lies on its starboard side with the port side only 6m below the surface. She is approximately 90m long and structurally intact. Divers can easily penetrate her massive forward and rear holds and if suitably trained and equipped can enjoy a nice tight wreck penetration through small hatches into her rear areas. There are cool air pockets present in the holds. A combination of good visibility, shallow depth, mild current and intact structure make this wreck a good starting point for new wreck divers.

A wide variety of marine life can be seen including Barracuda, Bamboo Sharks, Puffer Fish, Box Fish, Bat Fish and there are usually tons of Scorpion Fish on the wreck itself and a couple of Lion Fish usually hanging out around the mast.

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Name: malaysia_liveaboards

The Sugar Wreck, or MV Unistar, sank in 2000 and now lies on her starboard side in 18m of water. She is a 90m cargo ship and penetration is possible into the engine room, the wheelhouse and the cabins. The propeller is still in place at the stern. Coral growth is already impressive and many schools of fish have taken up residence in and around the hull. Schools of snapper and trevally patrol outside the wreck. Lionfish, scorpionfish and stonefish can all be seen as can moray eels and bamboo sharks. Barracuda are often seen in blue water. Leopard sharks can be seen resting in the sand around the wreck.

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