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Pulau Aur used to be strongly linked to piracy, nowadays offering divers anything from wooden fishing trailers to Chinese wrecks from the Ming Dynasty.

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Pulau Aur is a five kilometer long island seventy kilometers offshore mainland Mersing. Together with Dayang, Lang and Pinang, three small islets surrounding Pulau Aur, they make up part of Johor Marine Park. This remote area is inhabited by a few hundred local fishermen living in kampongs around the island (Kampung Teluk Berhala). There are some basic resorts, no roads, no vehicles, a telephone mast is placed recently and diving trips should be arranged before hand as there is no dive shop. Another well known ocean mark is a huge rock named Batu Berhala or Elephant Rock in the channel between Dayang and Aur.

Aur Island is widely known among scuba divers for its pristine reefs, rocky boulders, deep oceanic trench and marine life such as whale sharks, manta rays and many different species of pelagic. Diving is often steep pinnacle diving covered in hard and soft corals, especially at the southeast side of the island. The island was an important stopover points for ship throughout South-East Asia, attracting pirates that ravaged the South China Sea living from slave trading and capturing treasures from passing merchant vessels. All this resulted in an island with many shipwrecks, from wooden fishing trailers to airplanes and even a Chinese Ming dynasty wreck.


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