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Crack Reef is a shallow staghorn coral garden with a nice slope becoming vertical.

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Crack Reef gets its name from a large vertical crack in the reef that starts at the surface and continues down beyond 40m. This is normally a relaxing wall dive although sometimes currents can whip divers along at speed. Underwater photographers have a difficult decision to make on this dive site. That is whether to go for a close up lens or wide angle because both big and small marine life can be seen here.

The reef wall is covered in exquisite soft corals of all colors plus sea whips, feather stars and gorgonian sea fans. Reef fish are everywhere including schools of snapper, fusiliers, wrasse, sweetlips and parrotfish. Moray eels poke their heads from coral cracks. Nudibranchs and crustaceans are numerous. Turtles are often seen feeding on the reef and white tip reef sharks cruise by regularly. Visibility is always superb making divers think that they are shallower than they really are, so pay attention to this.

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