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The Maritime Fidelity sank in a crash with the tanker named New Venture in July 1999.

Name Dive Site:Maritime Fidelity
Depth: 35-44m (114-144ft)
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The Maritime Fidelity on route to Vietnam sank on the first of July 1999 after a collision with the tanker New Venture which was heading west to Singapore. The ship was holed on the port side and the crew of 28 abandoned ship at three o'clock in the morning; all crew where safely rescued.

Due to the wreck being a hazard to other ships the bridge was removed by salvors in early November 1999, as well as removal of 450 tons of fuel and the cutting of the Derrick and 3 deck cranes. The main hull (marked by buoys) now sits approximately 50m from the Bridge; which is resting on a sandy bottom at about 44m. The bridge superstructure is relatively undamaged (accept for salvage works), the roof of the bridge section is approximately 37m.

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