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The Dutch submarine HMNLS K-XVII or K-17 sank when she struck a mine in December 1941.

Name Dive Site:K17 Submarine, HMNLS K-XVII
Depth: 45-55m (147-180ft)
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The Dutch K-XVII or K-17 was commissioned in December 1933 and saw active service during WWII. As part of the fleet used to protect Malaysia from the impending invasion by the Japanese, she was order to sail up to Kauntan, but suddenly ordered back to Singapore on the 19th December 1941. She hit a mine just two days later north of Tioman and was only recently re-discovered in 1981 by a diver from Singapore.

Nowadays she rests in 55m of water on a sandy bottom. There is damage to the stern where she struck the mine, but the rest of the submarine is remarkably well intact; although draped in discarded fishing nets now. The hatch ways at the top of the conning tower is open, but there is a lot of silt built up so it is very difficult to penetrate in side. There is quite a lot of fish life around, and some big friendly batfish will surely give you a visit.

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