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Gorgonian Forest is one of the best dives in Layang Layang with high chances of spotting hammerheads during April and May.

Name Dive Site:Gorgonian Forest
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Gorgonian Forest is another aptly named dive site as the wall here is covered in huge and colorful gorgonian sea fans that just keep getting bigger as they feed off the current that flows along the wall. The wall is also covered in soft coral like whip corals and black coral with all the usual attendant reef fish.

The currents are normally just moderate making for a pleasant drift dive. Visibility is superb, tempting divers out away from the wall into blue water to look for pelagic. This is one of the best dive sites around Layang Layang to spot hammerheads sharks. Scalloped hammerheads are most common in April and May. That's the best time to see big schools. It is also a dive site where anything could pass by. Whale sharks, manta rays and silvertip sharks have all been seen here along with dog tooth tuna, giant trevally and barracuda.

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