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Layang Layang or Swallow's Reef is the name of thirteen reefs connected to each other and surrounding a deep and sheltered lagoon.

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Layang Layang belongs to a chain of islands, islets, coral reefs and atolls named the Spratlys, sitting between Malaysia and Vietnam at three hundred kilometers northwest of Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. Layang Layang, also named Swallow's Reef or Dusun meaning Place of Swallows, is the name of an oceanic atoll created by connecting thirteen reefs in the form of a ring.

Scuba diving is fantastic here as nutrient waters are pushed upwards from 2000 meters deep, creating an enormous amount of life and exceptional pieces of coral. Although the complete area of Layang Layang covers less than twenty square kilometer its stunning deep walls and bright lagoon offer a wide variety of marine life. It is one of those unexplored areas where you can dive with your buddy being the only two divers being stared at by many curious fish. Here, below the surface are still species that haven't been identified properly. It is a colorful place, healthy and one of its main attractions is the mating season (Apr-May) of scalloped hammerhead sharks.

You can take a cruise boat or fly here from Kota Kinabalu and stay at its only resort operated by M-Ocean Diving. Bird lovers can visit the bird sanctuary on the island for brown boobies. There is a naval base on the eastern end of the island which has protected its reefs from dynamite fishing since 1982 and is the main reason Layang Layang has kept its glory.

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